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Cotton Canvas Bags,環保購物袋訂製

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Designate image and design as you like

Our custom made service provide you mono-color and multi-color printing and you may designate the size you like

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Tell us printing and additional conditions you

Color printing
Even you order just a few, we may print.

We may do white film, brille, and direct injection, and if you do not designate, we will select for you. For a larger quantity, we will request vendor to make mold, and then transfer or do color sublimation print

Mono-color printing
Done by traditional technique, and mold making fee is required. 50 pieces above is ok.

Silk screen printing/ Screen printing

It is also called Porous or stencil. It is a printing method to remove the pattern and then add ink on a net screen to have ink flow through holes and stay on a paper underneath, and for the parts that printing are not required, a negative wax film made manually or by machine will be put on the screen as a protection. Because silks are often used as materials of plates, such printing method is also called silk printing. Such printing is majorly used on art works and mono printing without lines of extreme thinness. Mold fee is required and such products are classic and natural.

DIY Printing

If you live in Taiwan, you can use this service.

You may prepare cloth or cut pieces and we will print image for you. You may also prepare image file, we may make silk printing or other printing for you.
We also sell pigment, materials, and accessories. The first time users may participate with training courses.
If you expect to design without limitation and freely silk print what you want, please take a look at our finished cloth products such as canvas bags and hand bags.

Picture preparation

Please use AI(CS5 Version). If you use PDF, PSD, JPEG, please take care about the resolution issue.

  • After making pictures and texts, please make all as a group to avoid lost after file transfer, and if you do not follow this caution and lost files, we will not make additional printing (please absolutely do not make text, image and knife molds a group)
  • If the font is small or the stroke is thin, please keep the letter not smaller than 0.2mm (0.57 pt), or there will be broken or disappearing lines after printing with poor performance.
  • If there are images in files, please set the resolution at 300 DPI (not under, or it will be jagged and blurry).
  • There must be discrepancy between what is displayed on monitor and actual printing. And please do not use special color or RGB color to avoid substantial color difference, wrong color or lost of image. Therefore, file must be transferred to CMYK before printing.
  • If the font is small or the stroke is thin, please keep the letter not smaller than 0.2mm (0.57 pt), or there will be broken or disappearing lines after printing with poor performance.
  • Please do not lock object and layer, or it can not print out.
  • Object with special effect (such as mask or gradient mode ) shall be flattened or rasterized.
  • If there is cutting error, printing error and other defects, please return to our company within 10 days and we will provide reprinting free of charge, but we disclaim for any other liability such as delivery fee, solatium, missing the deadline so on and so forth. After processing or dispatch, claim for return or reprinting will not be allowed.
  • If price is wrong or modified, please check information on our website. We reserve rights to accept order or not considering that our staff may make wrong quotation.


  • For common pattern, you may place order directly. If you need sample, it is NTD 500 above for a piece. Sample making fee is NTD 3000 for brand new pattern and size. And the lead time for sample making is about 30-20 days.
  • Discrepancy between hand sewing and printing
    There will be uncertain heat shrinkage rate after process of printing and drying. And 5-10 MM difference of sewing is normal. No return for such causes will be allowed.
    If the content of file exceeds safety line of knife mold, the content will be stitched. Return for such cause will not be allowed. Please make sure the content does not exceed safety line.

  • Please wash with warm or cold water by hand, and in first time washing please do not soak it in water, and after dehydration, it is advised to air it immediately and do not just put there. To avoid transfer color to other cloth, please wash it individually. Avoid using flat-iron or clothes dryer, because transfer of color may arise due to rain, sweat or strong friction.

  • There must be positive or negative 15% color difference between drawing and real products. It is not possible to be all the same. Please make sure the letter is not too small or it will be blurry.
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