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Cotton Canvas Bags,環保購物袋訂製

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ECO friendly shopping bag
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PRODUCT canvas bags

Types include canvas bags, insulation bags/cooler bags, eco-friendly bags, drawstring bags, customized bags, non-woven cloth/wrapper, dustproof bags, gift bags, beauty bags, backpack, customized canvas bags, eco-friendly canvas bags. All are loadable and durable and bargain products with high quality, and most popular gifts in various kind of events. We have different range of prices. We provide transparent service and have complete peripherals. We have experienced staffs in technical art and sewing department. We serve globally including South East Asia, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We provide bags customized OEM/ODM services. Excellent quality with fast oversea delivery。

帆布包專賣 束口袋 尼龍折疊袋
不織布袋 帆布包


  • In designing logo of packages and canvas bags, how to make printing effects show the theme?

    In design of bag’s pattern, relationship between theme and background is such as leading and supporting roles. A good motion picture must be made by perfect collaboration of leading and supporting roles. In the world of design, theme and background is also of the same relationship. The background must support the theme, and the theme reflect the background.

  • Utilization of method to transfer words into graphic in logo design! Let graphs speaks.

    Texts are message to be delivered and include beauty of image....

  • Representation of Minimalism in design of eco-friendly bags
    Minimalism is most used in environmental art and various kinds of design, and it also gradually appears in visual communication and product design.
    Through understanding the embodiment of minimalism in modern design and its principles, and study of difference between minimalism and communication from traditional design…

  • Making of hand bags to be used for fairs and conference
    We may design and develop most fashion shopping bags according to different styles, material, accessories, color designated by customers in orders, and customers also may request to print specific logo on products.
Canvas Tote Bags
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